My name is Andrea Della Sala and I work as a freelance filmmaker, editor & videographer.
Here is my last showreel.
As filmmaker, I have experience in all creative stages:


Pre-production & Concept Development

From the idea to the screenplay.


Production & Audio-Video Recording

Preparation for the shot, lighting, selection of locations.


Editing & Post-production

Images and sounds editing, sound design and audio mixing.


I enjoy working with other people and I have an understanding of all the different roles in production and filmmaking. Especially the ones of videographer, director and editor.


Working with other artists give me the opportunity to engage with experienced people and learn new things.

As videographer, I have experience in different kind of projects:


From web commercials to music videos, from short films to event coverage, I enjoy every kind of project.


I always want to give the best of myself, be professional and passionate in every shot. I have a good dose of improvisation, often useful in certain types of work and for any unforeseen event.

As editor, I have experience in both video and audio editing:


Editing is my favoured work. Obsessed with the details I have a strong passion for new experiments. I have an excellent experience with Final Cut Pro and a good understanding of Adobe CC Suite and Davinci Resolve, with good experience in colour grading.


My great passion in music of every genre allows me to give the product an emotional and engaging tone.