In our contemporary society, there are spaces of transition, which are not considered as real places…
I believe that if they are seen otherwise, they can be the best places of connection between others.


With this work, I have searched through my preferred tools such as audio-visual editing, sound design and other multimedia use, to highlight the opportunities to see those places in many different ways. Without merely praising or criticizing those spaces but turning them into different images.
Accentuating on the details and sounds which we are not usually paying attention to, this project accompanies the observer along on a hypothetical journey of contrasts and various audio-video composing techniques.


The aim is to recreate the feelings we have passing through nonplaces in hope that the visitor may perceive, in solitude, that those sounds and moments are the same that all others live alike.


* Thesis project – Originally designed for three video screens
** Best with headphones
*** Complete project description at this google drive address (in Italian): https://goo.gl/dDxRgr



Personal – Thesis






Color Correction

Sound Design

Sound Editing





Audiovisual & Video Art