Better Than Myself


Video for the first single of Antonio’s Revenge from the ‘All Under Control’ album.


The video was shooted on one evening, almost by accident, after a call from my friend Matthew Zak who gave me his idea by taking me to a stockhouse already set up for the video.


With not much of the media and technical material available but keeping in mind the original idea of ​​having the band inside a “craft” ring, we decided to shoot multiple scenes in different areas of the location to have more development possibilities during editing.


It was a very good choice and allowed me to discard some frames and to add some other ones to accentuate contrasts and rhythm.


Also the choice of a very graded coloration to red was decided during shooting, because of the lack of colored lights and keeping the mood of the song.

Antonio’s Revenge – Better Than Myself


Antonio’s Revenge






Color Correction



Matthew Zak

Directing / DoP



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