About Me
My name is Andrea Della Sala, I work as a freelance Filmmaker, Editor & Videographer.

After graduating from Academy of Fine Art SantaGiulia (Brescia, Italy) with honors in early 2017 I started working full time to express myself with the use of film, music and art.


I’ve experienced a great personal growth in the past two years and I will always keep to improving both my personal and technical skills, continuing to express myself to the best of my abilities with the desire to create beautiful and captivating images.


My goal is to create products that could satisfy both customers and me, embracing any kind of production and proposal with passion, creativity and commitment, whether it is operating camera, directing, take care of cinematography or placing lights, recording audio or editing.


My youthful passions to cinema, fiction and music – I own also a certificate in Electronic Music Production from SAE Institute in Milano – accompany me in every work, pushing me to translate work demands into images and editing that have a meaning, whether these are linear or abstract, documentary or artistic.


During editing I am very self-critical and I have a tendency to perfectionism, which means meeting customer needs but also collaborating and advocating the best options for the best result, based on my personal experience and the desire that everything is always in its right place.


In the past years I’ve worked with several companies, including Fondazione Brescia MuseiGolositaliaCosmofoodBeast Technologies and several local bands like Antonio’s Revenge and Gli Animali Notturni.


Curious since birth, although currently in italy, I am available all over Europe (and beyond).

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